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SMS jokes-Internet viruses

SMS jokes-Internet viruses

girls r like internet viruses:
They enter your life,
Scan your pockets,
Transfer your money,
Edit your mind,
Download their problems and
Delete your smile
So please download the software SayNoToGirls.EXE to save your life otherwise the hardisk of your heart may crash



A doctor and a boy are swimming.  The boy is the doctor’s son, but the doctor is not the boy’s father.

Who is the doctor?

The doctor is the boy’s mother.

SMS jokes-Close friends

SMS jokes-Close friends

Why do we need Close Friends?


* To pick us from Railway Station at 2 am.

* To kick us at midnight on our Birthday.

* To make fun of our new outfits.

* To get latest prints of movies.

* To call at 3 am just to say goodnight.

* For the endless treats.

* To irritate us with missed calls when we are sleeping.

* Sending lot of msgs though we dont reply.