Hilarious jokes-Saudi Highway code

Hilarious jokes-Saudi Highway code


* Never pull into a continuous stream of traffic with your eyes open.

* Slow vehicles should keep to the middle of the road and weave.

* Fast vehicles should stay in the slow lane or on the sidewalk.

* If you are coming from a side road onto the main road, you have the right of way. Do not slow down unless you roll over or hit something.

* Hand signals should primarily indicate the driver’s mood.

* Only stop at a red light if the car in front has stopped.

* At a crossroad when turning left, get into the right hand lane.

* At a crossroad when turning right get into the left-hand lane.

* If a taxi hits you, you are going too slow.

* If a police car hits you, you are driving recklessly.

* If you hit a Saudi it’s your fault.

* If you hit a Korean its his fault.

* If you hit a Yemeni go to the nearest police station and claim your prize.

* Do not enter spaces narrower than the width of the car, or a taxi narrower than the width of the passenger.

* It is a serious offense to drive when the horn is not working,

* The horn operation must be checked at least every 10 meters.

* You may also be required to have brakes.

* Dual carriageways are for driving in both directions, whichever side you are on.

* Do not park on the central reservation, this is reserved for Saudis whose cars are attached to lampposts.

* The internal mirror is for the use of the driver only – to comb his hair, fix his gutra or hang his animals from.

* If you are a foreigner, speed limit signs are in km/h

* If you are a native speed limit signs are in m.p.h.

* All drivers must comply with the speed limit or some multiple thereof.

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