Ambulance service

Ambulance service

An old lady dialed 911 after falling over in her house.  She didn’t wake the other members of the family.

As the ambulancemen were carrying her out of the front door on a stretcher, her son roused from his slumbers by the noise staggered onto the landing, panicked at the sight of strange men in his home, and tripped all the way downstairs, knocking himself out.

His wife came rushing out of the bedroom to see what was wrong.

Observing her husband lying on the hall floor, she promptly fainted and fell downstairs herself.

The paramedics now had THREE casualties to take instead of one.

The tally rapidly became four when the family dog rampaged furiously into the hall, and inflicted an indignant bite on the bottom of one of the ambulancemen.

A spokesman for the Ambulance Service said: It was quite a night, actually!

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