Rita said to her husband Jim, “I am talking to you since such a long time and you keep yawning all the time? Don’t you have any manners?”

Poor Jim replied, “I am not yawning, my dear. I am simply trying to break your speech and say something.”


Reema, aged 86, said to her sister Seema, aged 76. “It was so cold last nite…I was shivering despite my blankets”

Seema said, “Your teeth must have chattered.”

Reema said, “Not sure about that. We have not slept together for years.”

Grow up

Little Neil says, “Momma, When I grow up I want to be a Bollywood singer.”

Mom answers, “Now come on baby, you cannot do both!”

In Beat

Tom : Did you hear about the tabla (Indian drum) player who was in beat ?

Jerry: Neither did I.

Live together

Bubba’s wife says, “I heard that men and women are not allowed to live together in Heaven.”

Bubba comments, “You heard right, Mary. That’s the reason why it’s called Heaven!”