Fine suit

Tony went to the tailor to collect his made-to-order suit. He immediately noticed that the arms were too long. When he pointed it out, tailor Yassin said, “That’s no bother, just pull them up at the elbow and hold them in the front. You look fine now.”

Tony next pointed out the collar. “The collar is way above my neck.”

Yassin the tailor had a ready solution. “No problem. Hunch your back up and it will look just fine.”

Tony said, “But I am stepping on the hem!”

Yassin the tailor said matter-of-factly, “That’s no bother, bend your knees just a bit and it will be just perfect.”

Tony, with his body twisted awkwardly, steps into the streets.

Two girls saw him pass by. One girl said to the other, “Did you see that poor man?”

The other replied, “Yes, but what a fine-looking suit!”

Member of Parliament

This is a funny story doing the rounds in the Indian Parliament. An MP (Member of Parliament) who was fast asleep at home, was woken up in the middle of the night by his wife. She whispered to him, “I think there are thieves in the House.”

“Not possible”, said the MP groggy with sleep, “In the Parliament, yes, but not in the House.”

Nothing to worry

Little Johnny and Josie, all of 6 years, go to their teacher with a question. Johnny asks, “Can kids our age have babies of their own?”
The teacher, rather surprised, exclaimed, “No!! It is not possible. Why do you ask such a question?”

Little Johnny, turning to Josie, said, “Didn’t I tell you there’s nothing to be scared of.”


Renie said to her husband Jose, “Guess what I found in our son’s cupboard. A whole bunch of adult magazines. I tell you, you need to speak to that boy!!”

Jose heads to his son’s bedroom and on entering, says to him, “Jack, you need to stop looking at adult mags. You know they can make you lose your eyesight.”

Jack says, “I am over here dad”.

For Sale

Bubba put up a sale Sign in front of his store which read : “For SALE – BOAT.”

His friend Luka asked him, “You don’t have a boat. You just own a motorcycle and a scooter..then what is this sign for?

“Yeah”, said Bubba, “Them both for sale!”